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The Founders

We were founded on the creations of our head chef, Clinton. He is a culinary master with over a decade of professional cooking experience coupled with the lifestyle of a former nationally ranked heavyweight boxer within the USA Boxing circuit.

Grant is the younger brother helping bring Clinton's journey to life through Knockout Tastes. You might see him sharing stories on our social media pages, trying to break 90 on the golf course, or making music on the piano. 

We're 2 brothers that may be just like you. We keep active and are always seeking healthy and flavorful contributions to our diets and lifestyles. Being half Hispanic, our mom grounded us with taste buds that appreciate quality and a punch of flavor.

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The Problem We're Solving

Every time we wanted to buy jarred salsa at the store, they were constantly too watery, too tomatoey, and carried ingredients that sounded like science projects. Wouldn't it be nice to have a jarred salsa with a punch of heat, a thicker volume, and some healthy ingredients that won't ruin my recent streak of being disciplined?

It would be! So we created healthy pepper-based salsas with a boxer's nutritional journey in mind toward optimal weight and performance.

Welcome! We're happy to have you here!

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